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The Reasons Behind Drew and Ellie Holcomb’s Growing Popularity



Drew and Ellie Prove That There is More Than One Way To Become Popular In Today’s Music Industry

By Elizabeth Raby

December 2nd, 2014

Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, and crime. These are just a few of the many ideas that are growing wildly in popularity in today’s music scene. So many musicians, especially pop, rap, and hip-hop artists, are altering the messages in their songs to make them more rebellious and provocative. Songs like “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé, “Shots” by LMFAO, “Young, Wild, and Free” by Wiz Khalifa, and basically any new Miley Cyrus song (particularly when paired with an equally provocative music video) are now ruling the charts with their vulgar, rebellious, paraphernalia-related messages.

Drew and Ellie Holcomb, however, are defying this shift and sticking to their roots – love for each other and strong faith. Drew and Ellie have been married for eight years, and they sing together in a folk-rock band called “Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors”. The band plays a mixture of fast and slow songs, and the deeper meanings behind their music set them apart from the majority of other artists. First, let’s take a look at Drew and Ellie as a couple. Drew is originally from Memphis, TN, and he began his solo career in 2003 with the release of his first album, “Lost and Found”. While attending the University of Tennessee, Drew met Elizabeth Bannister from Nashville, TN, daughter of highly acclaimed producer and songwriter Brown Bannister. Drew and Ellie dated in college and graduated from the university in 2005, and they were married in 2006. They now live in Nashville with their daughter Emmylou Holcomb.

Ellie also has a very successful solo career, which began with the release of her album “Magnolia” in 2011. As mentioned in the pop-up video (inserted above), Ellie won a Dove Christian Music Award in 2014, recognized as the “Best New Arstist of the Year”. Her newest album, “As Sure As The Sun”, has received extremely good reviews from critics. The album received five starts on iTunes, and its official review starts out, “Gripping from start to finish, As Sure as the Sun launches Ellie Holcomb’s solo career in earnest, building on the momentum of her time in Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors.” Drew sings with Ellie in many of her songs, which helps the couple build their image of living together in their faith. Through her solo career, Ellie has widely increased Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ fan base, incorporating many Christian music fans into their mix of followers.

Drew and Ellie share in their Christian faith, and it is evident in much of their music. While Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are not considered to be a Christian band, most of Ellie’s solo music is about her spirituality, and Drew is featured in many of her songs. Drew and Ellie are also very connected with YoungLife, an evangelical Christian organization that targets high school and college students and has several different ministries and camps spread across America. Drew and Ellie make appearances at many of these camps, talking with youth about their faith and how their marriage is based on it.

In the pop-up video, three different Drew and Ellie songs are shown and analyzed. “The Wine We Drink” is a classic example of one of their love songs. The lyrics discuss how Drew and Ellie are wholly and unconditionally in love with each other, and how they feel like they complete each other. “Broken Beautiful” is one of Ellie’s many solo songs,, and it is about her beliefs regarding Jesus’ unconditional love and sacrifice. Ellie has released three Christian music albums as of today, and each one has been more successful than the last. The last song is “Live Forever”, which is Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ most famous song. According to an interview with Drew, he wrote this song as a letter to his younger family members, describing his hopes and dreams for their futures. Drew and Ellie are both very close with their families (as the music video to “Live Forever” depicts). “Live Forever” made its big break when TNT used it as the background song for a 2011 NBA promotional commercial. The commercial won an Emmy Award in 2012, which immediately got people talking about the (at the time) little-known band that wrote the song.

Some of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ other most famous songs include “What Would I Do Without You” (a love song about Drew and Ellie’s relationship), and “Tennessee” (an ode to the home state of both Drew and Ellie). The band is also releasing a new album called “Medicine” in January of 2015. In a recent interview, Drew talks about the highlights from “Good Light”, the band’s most recently released album, as well as some things to expect from “Medicine”. After listening to these three songs in the pop-up video, it can be clearly seen that Drew and Ellie produce a very wide array of music. This is one of the reasons why they have become so popular – listeners tend to get tired of bands that play songs that all sound exactly the same. Drew and Ellie’s music is much more musically complex, incorporating several different instruments and elements of folk, rock, and pop. These unique features of their music help Drew and Ellie stand out from the rest of the popular music crowd. drellie pic 3

Aside from their unique musical sound, Drew and Ellie’s popularity can be largely attributed to the messages presented in their lyrics. Rather than following the cultural norm and singing about provocative, rebellious themes, Drew and Ellie keep their music clean. Common themes that can be found in Drew and Ellie’s music are love (for each other as well as for friends and family members), hometown pride (seeing as the two are both from Tennessee, many of their songs give shout outs to their beloved state), and their Christian beliefs. Their music is “family-friendly”, and it is able to appeal to listeners from all walks of life. By preserving this sense of innocence in their music, Drew and Ellie have developed a very strong fan base.